Questions about Crinone®?

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Each applicator contains a slightly larger amount of gel than is actually released, as the rest of the product tends to stick to the inside of the applicator. It is therefore quite normal for a little gel to be left inside. Each applicator is intended for single use only. Any content of gel remaining in the applicator after use must be discarded.

Typically, the gel stays attached to the vaginal walls as the medicine is absorbed. Do not be concerned if small globules appear as a discharge after several days of usage. It is common, not harmful, to have some gel residue build-up. Gel accumulation may be less likely to occur if the gel is applied in the morning because activities like walking may help spread the gel on the vaginal walls. Therefore, it is not necessary to remain lying down following administration of Crinone®. If gel accumulation becomes bothersome, talk to your doctor.

Missed dose:

If you forget to use Crinone® on a normal dosage day, then use it the following day and then continue as before. Do not administer double doses to make up for a forgotten single dose.


Overdosage is not anticipated because each dose is applied through an individual disposable applicator. However, if it occurs, treatment with Crinone® 8% should be discontinued.

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