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Learn more about your EMD Serono fertility medication

Welcome! This site is intended for Canadians who have been prescribed a fertility medication made by EMD Serono. In Canada, each drug product is assigned a Drug Identification Number (DIN) by Health Canada. If you want to learn more about your medication, please enter the DIN (eight-digit number found on the product package) in the space below.

Not sure where to find this number? Click here.

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Find your DIN

The drug identification number (DIN) is an eight-digit number that you can find on your product package, in the upper right-hand corner.

We believe inclusivity lies at the heart of positive patient experiences

At EMD Serono Canada, our Fertility and Endocrinology Team vision is to passionately support the dreams of Canadian families to grow.

We proudly commit to equity, diversity, and inclusion and ensuring that each patient is seen, heard, and validated. We acknowledge that historic and institutional barriers, particularly those rooted in racial discrimination, LGBTQ2S+ bias, and prejudice against disabled communities have impacted our patients' ability to access affirming and quality healthcare. This commitment and acknowledgement are embedded into all aspects of our organization, shaping our core values, and guiding our daily actions.

Through ongoing training, transparency, and collaborative problem-solving, we are dedicated to working alongside our patients, clinics, and healthcare professionals to find the best solutions and provide support throughout the healthcare journey.

Please contact our MyMomentum team at 1-800-387-8479 to learn how you can volunteer on this initiative

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